AGM 2020

    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held once in each year and not later than fifteen months .afterthe preceding annual general meeting. At least fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to all members by electronic media

A quorum shall be fifty (50) paid up members.

The business of the AGM shall include:

  1. Receiving and approving the annual reports. Receiving and approving the examined accounts.
  2. Electing the members of the Committee.
  3. Appointing an examiner of the accounts.
  4. Considering proposals to alter the constitution
  5. Considering any other business which has been published in the agenda.
  1. A special general meeting of the U3A may be convened at any time by a resolution of the

Committee or upon a requisition signed by twenty (20) or more members stating the object of the meeting. A meeting held on such a requisition shall be called giving members fourteen (14) days notice of such a meeting. There shall be a quorum when fifty (50) members are present.