Announcing the 2020 Committee

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Chairman:                          John Giani

Treasurer:                          Murray Cronje

Secretary:                          Joan Clark

Speaker Coordinator:           Dawn Chapman

Outings and Lunches:          Marthie Coetzer

Interest Group Coordinator:  Barbara Klarenbeek

Membership Coordinator:      Tommy Scanes

Webmaster:                         Tommy Scanes

Additional Member:               Audrey Giani

Additional Member:               Brian Clark


I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating the 2020 Committee and in extending a special warm welcome to the 3 new Committee Members, Murray (who has taken on the big job of Treasurer), Joan (who has agreed to act as Secretary, as Maans has resigned due to health concerns, maybe with a bit of arm-twisting she might take on the job permanently!) and Brian (who, I’m sure,  as an ex strategic planner will be a useful asset to the Committee).

The Committee and I’m sure all members would like to extend grateful thanks to Maans van der Merwe for his stint as Secretary. We wish you a speedy recovery and trust you will not be a stranger at our meetings in the future.

Please go to the “MEET THE TEAM” page for pics and a short bio on each of the 2020 Committee Members