From the Committee – Cell Phones

We have had complaints from members about cell phones ringing and people talking on cell phones in and during lectures.

As most of us have hearing problems this is very uncomfortable.

Please put your phones on “silent” before entering the lecture hall and take urgent calls far away from entrances if possible.

Short news snippets from our Interest Groups

Mrs Goyne will help at the table with the lists for Interest Groups at the General Meeting.

Knitting Group

Madeleine Kruger is leading this group. Recently six members attended at Palers Coffee Shop.  They are knitting articles to aid the people of Knysna after the recent devastating fires. » Read more

U3A Membership Renewals

As was announced at the general meeting this month, the fees for membership in the U3A West Rand branch have had to be raised for the coming year.

From February 2018 new membership fees and renewals of existing membership will increase to R70.00 per annum and visitor fees will increase to R30.00 per visit.

However if you renew your membership for 2018 at our next general meeting in November the fee will remain at this years level of R50.00 that is you will receive your 2018 membership for the same as what you paid for 2017

Whether you renew in November or wait for February please hand in your U3A name tags when you renew in order to receive your new name tags at the February meeting.

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