Announcing the 2020 Committee

PLEASE MEET THE 2020 COMMITTEE Chairman:                          John Giani Treasurer:                          Murray Cronje Secretary:                          Joan Clark Speaker Coordinator:           Dawn Chapman Outings and Lunches:          Marthie Coetzer Interest Group Coordinator:  Barbara Klarenbeek Membership Coordinator:      Tommy Scanes Webmaster:                         Tommy Scanes Additional Member:               Audrey Giani Additional Member:               Brian Clark   I’m sure Read more…

EDMUND FURTER: Florida’s Rock Gate or Coral Castle

Friends, please see my article on Florida’s Rock Gate or Coral Castle, an enigmatic 1940 monument of porous limestone. The site is not a star map, as very very few sites are (the Einstein monument in Washington being one of the very few exceptions). The article is here;

AGM 2020

    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held once in each year and not later than fifteen months .afterthe preceding annual general meeting. At least fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to all members by electronic media

A quorum shall be fifty (50) paid up members.

The business of the AGM shall include:

  1. Receiving and approving the annual reports. Receiving and approving the examined accounts.
  2. Electing the members of the Committee.
  3. Appointing an examiner of the accounts.
  4. Considering proposals to alter the constitution
  5. Considering any other business which has been published in the agenda.
  1. A special general meeting of the U3A may be convened at any time by a resolution of the

Committee or upon a requisition signed by twenty (20) or more members stating the object of the meeting. A meeting held on such a requisition shall be called giving members fourteen (14) days notice of such a meeting. There shall be a quorum when fifty (50) members are present.


Revisit to Rugani Carrot Farm

We will visit the Rugani Carrot Farm again on Wednesday 15th May. Tis time to see the whole plant in operation and how the carrot and fruit juices are made. For the members visiting for the second time, there will not be any entrance fee, but there will also not be Read more…

A quick reminder

Our monthly meeting at the NG Kerk Wilgespruit cnr of Mimosa- and Wag-‘n-Bietjie Streets Wilropark at 9:15 is on Tuesday 14th May. Come and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with us and re-register or collect your nametag for 2019 if you do not have it yet. At 10:00 our speaker Read more…

What we did to celebrate Spring

A report from Marthie Coetzer To celebrate Spring, thirty six members enjoyed a Spring Lunch under the trees in the garden of Random Harvest Nursery. It was a glorious day and everyone was in good spirits. The owner of the Nursery, Linda de Luca, gave a talk about what to do Read more…