Downloading Files from the Resources Page

From the Webmaster

A member recently contacted me to say he could not download a file from the Resources page of this site.

To avoid any further difficulty in downloading files from our website here are the steps to take to download files from the Resources page:


  1. On the Resources page there is a table with all our downloadable resource files.
  2. Click the link for the file you would like to download from the column on the right (the link is blue and will be underlined when you hover your mouse over it). The file will then open in a new page in your web browser.
  3. Above the opened file page there is a header with three icons on the right hand side (if you don’t see this header just place your mouse above the page and it will appear).
  4. The middle icon shows a little arrow pointing down. This is the download button. Click this and the file will download to your computer.