Revisit to Rugani Carrot Farm

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We will visit the Rugani Carrot Farm again on Wednesday 15th May. Tis time to see the whole plant in operation and how the carrot and fruit juices are made.

For the members visiting for the second time, there will not be any
entrance fee, but there will also not be any gift packs as we received
ours already. For the first timers entrance fee is R75 and they will
receive a gift pack of juices.

We will use our own transport since it is only 26km from Cradlestone Mall.
This leaves you the choice whether you would like to go to lunch at Urban
Herb Nursery. Lunch will be R95pp .

The menu will be available by the end of this week, WhatsApped to you and
at the meeting on 14 May.

Payment can be made by EFT or at the meeting. Please make sure that you
have the correct amount in cash.

Contact Marthie Coetzer on 0832979565 for more information.

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