Short news snippets from our Interest Groups

Mrs Goyne will help at the table with the lists for Interest Groups at the General Meeting.

Knitting Group

Madeleine Kruger is leading this group. Recently six members attended at Palers Coffee Shop.  They are knitting articles to aid the people of Knysna after the recent devastating fires.

Walking Group

Mrs Wessels has scouted two venues in Randfontein. Griffin Estate is available with no entry fee as yet and a tea/coffee restaurant on request. Seems promising.

Bowls Group

Mrs J vd Merwe will take over as leader of this group until further notice.

Interest Group Coordinator

The Committee decided that the new Interest Group coordinator will be chosen from one of the existing group leaders. More details will follow.


How to join an interest group

Each interest group has a list for prospective members available at every monthly meeting. If you are interested in joining one or more of the groups just fill in your details on the relevant list(s).

There is also list of our interest groups with info and contact details of the group leaders on the Interest Group page on this website.

A fee of R5 per member attending any Interest Group activity will be levied in addition to any cost involved with the running of the group. A register is kept by the group leader.

U3A name tags must be worn when attending any Group activity. Failure to do so will evoke a Visitor’s fee of R20 (at present).