Why Owls? – Our next talk at the U3A meeting on Tuesday June 11

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Our next talk at the U3A meeting on Tuesday June 11 will be given by Brendan Murray of the Owl Rescue Centre

Owl Rescue Centre was founded by Brendan Murray following a lifelong interest and passion for birds of prey.

Brendan spent most of his young life observing and studying birds. He came to the realization a few years ago that owls specifically need help to protect them from becoming endangered, and so Owl Rescue Centre was born.

His wife, Danelle Murray, became involved as the Co-founder of the organization, to support him in his purpose. They now work as a team, along with a few committed staff and volunteers to achieve a goal in owl conservation.

The organisation was founded about ten years ago and is currently the largest Owl
Rehabilitation centre in the world with a Sanctuary that is home to hundreds of free-living owls.

Brendan who has dealt with over 6000 owl cases, is an expert on owl behaviour and is highly respected in the field of conservation.

Wise old owlHere is a summary of Brendan’s talk:

The first question that always pops up into anyone’s mind when they meet the Murrays is, ‘why owls?’ – what made this couple decide to dedicate their lives to owls?

Brendan will shed some light on the driving force behind this commitment to owl conservation. He will explain the high mortality rate, the incidences that land owls in rehab and the cases the Centre have taken in over the past years.

The Centre has grown over the years, where they could initially focus their energy on saving only a few owls a month, they are now taking in on average between 3 and 5 owls a day.

As they became more known as experts in their field, calls started flooding in asking for their help. Some rescues involves careful manoeuvring; Brendan will discuss and provide a few examples of these.

The Owl Rescue Centre succeeds in many projects that aid in the conservation of owls. The projects will be discussed in detail, including effective and environmentally safe rodent control, responsible recycling and providing homes for wildlife.

Funding of the cause and its challenges will be explained as well as how the general public can help and become involved.

Danelle’s book, My Dark Country will be on sale at the meeting. 100% of the profits made from her book is applied to cover the Centre’s veterinary bills. 

The book sells for R240 a copy, so make sure you have some cash handy! Danelle will also be available for signed copies.

The Owl Talk is an informal interactive discussion – everyone is encouraged to ask questions throughout the course of the talk

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